Building with Sablier

Paul Razvan Berg
2 min readJan 6, 2020


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Today, we’re excited to unveil a broad collection of ideas and use cases for real-time finance. We’re doing this after launching in December 2019 and realising that the Sablier protocol can be applied to so many things.

This is an invite for you to steal any of the tweets below and make it your own project. Sablier provides you with the picks & shovels for the money streaming part.

Use Cases




Kids Allowance

One-on-One Help

Adult Work


Coworking Spaces

Event Tickets

Grants and Scholarships






Parking Cars

Real Estate Escrow


Vehicle Rental

Venture Capital

Wrap Up

Now, we know getting to product/ market fit with any of these ideas is no easy feat. We neither think this is an exhaustive list — we likely just scratched the surface. Our goal was to merely give you a glimpse of what real-time finance could become.

We’d like to thank the DeFi community for planting the seed for many of the ideas above. Most notable contributors include Travis aka CryptoParent, Alex Van de Sande, Richard Brown, Pascal Tallarida, Mike Elias, Danger Zhang and Kevin Owocki.

If you’re interested in building on top of Sablier, or have any feedback or ideas, ping us on Twitter or Discord — we’d love to hear from you.